USNA Active Duty Alumni Survey

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Survey of United States Naval Academy Alumni 




USNA HRPP Number: USNA.2017.0029-AM01-EP7-A


Participant Informed Consent Form

The following information is provided to inform you about the research project and your participation in it. Please read this form carefully and feel free to ask any questions you may have about this study and the information given below. Also, a copy of this consent form will be transmitted to you via email.
Clicking the button at the bottom of this page (to begin the survey) signals your informed consent to participate in this research project.
Your participation in this research study is voluntary. You are also free to withdraw from this study at any time (i.e., while filling out the survey), until you have submitted the completed survey electronically (which concludes your participation in the project).

Purpose of the study: The survey is designed to expand our knowledge of the history of the Naval Academy curriculum over the last 40 years by seeking responses from the transition class of graduates of the Academy’s majors program in 1971 through graduates of the Class of 2016. Thus, the survey is designed to capture graduates’ responses to their educational experiences at the Academy from the time they decided to attend USNA through their time at the Academy and on into their Navy or Marine Corps career and subsequent civilian employment.  

Description of procedures to be followed and approximate time duration involved for the participants: The survey is conducted via a web portal (by clicking the button below), and should take approximately 30-45 minutes to complete. USNA’s Office of Institutional Research will match graduates’ responses with official Naval Academy records—including demographic information and academic records—so as to build a truly unique database that ties graduates’ views of their educational experiences with their actual performance at USNA.  This will provide the researchers many opportunities for academic research and analysis.  For example, we may be able to better explain—by combining graduates’ responses with curriculum evolution—the lofty collegiate ranking of the Naval Academy.  We may also be able to leverage this dataset to assist in the analysis of warfare community selection by an office recently established at USNA.

Expected costs: None. The only cost to you is the 30-45 minutes of your time to complete the survey.

Description of the discomforts, inconveniences, and/or risks that can be reasonably expected as a result of participation in this study: Some of the information to be collected in this survey is personal and/or sensitive. You are, of course, free to skip any such questions in the survey. To be clear, your survey responses will be collected by the investigators, transmitted to the Office of Institutional Research at the U.S. Naval Academy, and merged with your official Academy records by alpha number. Your alpha number will then be erased from the merged database before it is transmitted to the researchers for analysis. While we will take care to protect the data as explained in this statement, and we will ensure that the most sensitive personal information (e.g., alpha number) is erased before analysis, we cannot state that the final dataset will be truly de-identified.

Anticipated benefits from this study: There are five benefits of participating in this survey.  First, you will be able to compare your responses to those of other Academy graduates.  Second, researchers will make themselves available to speak to Academy alumni classes, chapters, and reunion groups (within reasonable distance from Annapolis) in order that you can learn more about the results of the survey.   Third, among other research opportunities, analysis of your responses should assist rather immediately in improving the warfare selection process and over time in selection of candidates for admission, among other possible research areas.  Fourth, your participation will assist the Academy in better understanding curricular evolution over the last 40 years and help researchers tell the story of the remarkable service graduates have given to the Navy and Marine Corps as well as the country at large. Fifth, the designers and researchers of the survey have an agreement with the Alumni Association to write about the evolution of the USNA curriculum and the impressions of graduates (using the survey findings) to be published in communications vehicles to include Shipmate, online and others.

Compensation for participation:
There is no compensation for participating in this study.  

Circumstances under which the Principal Investigator may withdraw you from study participation: If your survey responses too incomplete to be useful, the investigators have the right to withdraw you from participation.

What happens if you choose to withdraw from study participation: You may withdraw from study participation at any point, without prejudice, while taking the survey. Participation is entirely voluntary.

Contact Information.    This research is being conducted by Associate Professor of Economics Michael Insler at the United States Naval Academy.  He may be reached at 410-293-6881 or for questions or to report a research related problem. Professor Emeritus Roger Little is responsible for the survey design and may be reached at The Department Chair, Kurtis Swope, can be reached at 410-293-6892 or  You may contact the USNA HRPP Office at 410-293-2533 or if you have questions or comments regarding your rights as a participant in the research. This research has been reviewed according to the USNA’s procedures governing your participation in this research.

Confidentiality. All efforts will be made to keep the personal information in your record private, but complete confidentiality cannot be promised, as explained above. No effort will be made, or could be made, to track you or contact you regarding your personal responses.



I have read this informed consent document and the material contained in it has been explained to me. I understand each part of the document, all my questions have been answered, and I freely and voluntarily choose to participate in this study.  I can choose to withdraw from this research project at any time without penalty.

Clicking the button below (to begin the survey) signals your informed consent to participate in this research project.